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funQy.com is the product of synergy between two creative minds, Ed & Bas.

The two met during a big storm in Hua Hin, Thailand. Wind and rain forced Ed and his girlfriend Pon, to pull their motorbike over & wait out the storm. Their sanctuary was a simple neglected bar with one other couple in it, Bas & Fon.

They had a drink together and it clicked right away. Was it the beer, the sense of humor, the funny stories or the Thai magic that caused the great evening?

It was probably the beer, though nobody knows for sure. 

Ed, a self proclaimed super nerd had been sitting on a project idea for years, and thought this might be what he was waiting for. Ed told Bas, who is an amazing visual artist, what he had in mind, and soon afterwards they decided to start working together to build funQy.com.  

Bootstrapping from a beautiful tropical villa & brainstorming the new project together, contemplating life, and the road that brought them here.

Their amazing talents where so complementary, as was outlook on life. A Symbiotic Synergy. And the magic of funQy.com was born into this world. 


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